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by: Chelsea Schilling


Once named by Maxim as one of the hottest porn stars in the world, J**** P****** performed in more than 275 pornographic films, stripped for money, sold  her body in prostitution, abused drugs and even tried to kill herself – but now  the young brunette stunner says she has found her true calling in life.

“Thank you, Jesus! I found Him, I’m home!” she declared, announcing that she  has become a born-again Christian.

P******, 26, whose real name is B****** R***, said, “It’s been a long  seven-year journey of porn, prostitution, stripping, drugs, alcohol and several  failed suicide attempts.”

R***, who struggled with anorexia in high school, was reportedly raped when  she was 14 years old.

Where  is our nation going wrong? Americans’ traditional sexual morality has been  violently subverted. In her hit book, “Sexual Sabotage,” Dr. Judith Reisman  explains why we can and must repudiate soul-and-body-destroying…

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“.. I saw a guy break a bottle and told me to cooperate, I struggled and fought but they stabbed me, pushed me down and did all manner of things to me. I begged and begged; they all took turns on me until they were satisfied..”


A week ago the entire world was greeted by the horrific gang rape story from India. A young lady was gang raped and thrown off a moving bus. Sadly, she died in a Singaporean hospital over the weekend. May her soul rest in peace.

Back here in Nigeria, the initiator of the EvictRapeAfrica project, Mr. Treasure ‘Teekay’ Kalu had an interview with a 30 something year old lady who was sexually assaulted from the age of 10 till she was 20 something. She happens to be a follower of our Twitter handle, @EvictRapeAfrica. A couple of weeks ago, she sent us a Direct Message that she would love to share her story with us. For convenience, we had to schedule an interview via the BlackBerry Messenger (BBM). For about three hours, Treasure engaged Sarah Jones (not her popular name; for the sake of privacy) who bared her heart.

Here’s the excerpt:

Treasure: Thank you Sarah Jones for granting us audience.

Sarah: No problem, I appreciate the opportunity to share my story with the world. I have longed for such an opportunity.

Treasure: Tell us about yourself.

Sarah: I am Sarah Jones. I’m in my late 30s,  I studied at the Olabisi Onabanjo University (OOU). I currently work with the Local Government Secretariat, I bake and I reside in Lagos.

Treasure: Can you tell us your story?

Sarah: It all started at the age of 10. My family had a houseboy who should be in his 20s then. He started touching and fondling me whenever my parents were not around. Eventually it graduated to having sex with me. This continued for several months without the notice of my parents.

Treasure: That means you lost your virginity at the age of ten.

Sarah: Sadly, Yes!

Treasure: Didn’t your parents ever had a clue to all these assaults and didn’t you report the incidence?

Sarah: Never! They never did and I couldn’t find the courage to tell them because the houseboy used to threaten me severely that if I told my parents, he would deal with me.

Treasure: What other experience have you had?

Sarah: There are alot more to share, the question is, can you handle them? When I was in JSS 1 in the high school, my father’s friend assaulted me several times.  He was a very close family friend, so my parents never suspected him. He started by caressing me. He was a muslim Alfa and was quite diabolic. Each time he wanted to assault me, I would hear him muttering incantations.  One day, while I was asleep, I felt a hand caressing me; when I opened my eyes, it was him. I tried to scream but he held my mouth and started muttering some incantations. All of a sudden, I became as calm and helpless like a zombie. He finally had his way that day, he had sex with me. My parents never knew about it; I was dying inside.

Treasure: It is really surprising that throughout these experiences, your parents never took note.

Sarah: Yea! Infact, at a time, I began to develop hatred for them especially my father.

Treasure: Are there other experiences you would like to share?

Sarah: Yes! My story is really a messy one.  Let me share more if you can still endure it.  I was gang raped two times. It happened through people I trusted and called friends. We attended the same SSCE Extra mural lessons. I was quite close to one of the guys. One day, he invited me to his house that we should just gist. As I sat in the living room, I noticed two of his friends came in. We all started gisting. My friend later called me in to see something, I trusted him, and so I had no cause to be apprehensive. He started showing me his photo album, sooner than later; the light went off, my mouth was gagged. Oh! It was too late for me; I remember I was on my period that day. They made me do all sorts of things. I was slapped, beaten and told to cooperate. My clothes were all stained; It was as though I should disappear.  After they had had their fill, my friend started apologizing. I hated myself that day.

I couldn’t go back to that extra moral lesson for about 3 months but I eventually had to go back and face my shame and fears. The trio came to me, prostrated and started pleading. I told them that I had forgiven them.

Treasure: That was really horrific!

Sarah: Yes, it was! That one was even better than the second incidence which could have taken my life. In that same extra mural lesson, there was a guy that was asking me out. He used to be my friend before he started wooing me. I told him “No!”

I used to sell some stuff then. On a particular day, I left during classes to go show a friend the wares I was selling. By the time I returned, I couldn’t find my friend with whom I left my bag. On my way to look for her, I went James, I can never forget that name; though I may not recognise him if we met today. He told me he saw my friend Dorothy with my bag and that he can take me to where she was. (He was a student of Yaba Tech at that time). I anxiously followed him. He called a friend of his and asked him about Dorothy. It was all a lie; I never knew they were strategizing.  We were walking inside a quiet estate. The time was 8pm; my lessons used to close by 9pm. All of a sudden, I saw a guy break a bottle and told me to cooperate, I struggled and fought but they stabbed me, pushed me down and did all manner of things to me. I begged and begged; they all took turns on me until they were satisfied. Infact, I don’t know how I didn’t die that day.

After everything, I got up; my clothes were torn and stained with mud. They all mocked me and made jest of me. I cursed them in my pain as I was crying. By the time I got home, my parents were already searching for me. They noticed the mud stain and asked what happened, I started crying. I told them I was raped. All of my family members got to know. But only my mum knows about the first gang rape. The next day, I was taken to the hospital. The doctor asked me if I was a virgin when it happened. I started crying. He excused my mum, I told him about the first gang rape, he started crying too. He called my mum in and told her everything but told her not to disclose it to my dad. Till today, my dad doesn’t know about the 1st gang rape and both of my parents don’t know about all the other assaults.

Treasure: Didn’t your parents make any efforts to apprehend the culprits?

Sarah: My dad wanted to get them arrested initially but later gave up the idea.

Treasure: What were the resultant impact of these horrific experiences?

Sarah: I became very rebellious to my parents, I attempted suicide several times but I was saved. That’s the story of my life dear; men have been my worst nightmare. I once vowed never to get married but it has been God who has helped me and healed me. I still have the scar of the stabbing those guys gave me. I had relationships but I always terminated them because I kept seeing all men as the same. That’s why I told you the other day that I’m afraid to get married; the mess in my life is too much. Which man will be able to stick with me? Tell me!

Treasure: There is a Boaz out there prepared just for you.

Sarah: Is it a crime to trust your friends? All the people that did this to me were people that I knew very well. I thank God because He used it all to shape my life, I have found true love in God. Most of my tweets are based on lessons I have learnt in life from my mess which has now become a message to the world.

Treasure: God is a specialist at making great messages out of our mess.

Sarah: Yes indeed!

Treasure: This is quite personal, I hope you don’t mind. Did you struggle with any form of addiction as a result?

Sarah: I don’t! God is telling me to pour it all out that someone out there needs it to heal fast.  Yes! I struggled with a couple of addiction. I wanted to get the memories out of my head, so I gave smoking a trial, I started smoking in JSS. I drank lots of spirits too. I remember I was going to start getting addicted to drugs, so I started by trying my hands on sleeping pills, I took overdose, just to make me forget and sleep away. I also got addicted to masturbation and pornography. I didn’t see any dignity in  myself  again, so I decided to be a bad girl. I pushed all guys away even those who really  cared about me. My last relationship was in 2007. I also tried to seek solace in married men, I felt there was nothing to lose. Lastly, I also became addicted to hurting myself with sharp objects. I used needles to pinch myself  until I saw blood spilling out and I felt a bit of pain. Sometimes, I sewed my hand too and at other times,  I will put my hand in the fire just to feel pain. I was already used to pain.  There was a time I wanted to try weed (marijuana) but I never saw one or got anyone to give me any until I got into the university. I smoked it once while in the university, a close friend found out and had a serious quarrel with me for it. I had to discontinue because of him, I just stuck to cigarette.

Treasure: Tell us how you pulled out of the hold of these experiences?

Sarah: I am a book waiting to be read. It wasn’t easy like I told you. I never had a good relationship with my dad and brothers because I saw all men as the same. I blamed myself, hated myself and I wanted to die but God said “No!” What doesn’t kill you, will only make you stronger.

My help started the day I asked God to come and help me, He did, He healed me one day at a time and I’m still in the healing process. I once asked God why He allowed me go through that much. He said because He wants to use me as a healing balm. It takes someone who has been through an experience to properly counsel a person going through a similar experience. In the midst of all the hell I went through, I lost my younger sister at the age of 25. That experience almost killed me but at the end, it made me fearless.

Treasure: Wow!! This is really really touching. What are your comments about the EvictRapeAfrica project?

Sarah: When I first noticed the project on the internet, God told me that was my opportunity. That was why I followed your Twitter handle immediately and tweeted at you. It’s a great initiative!

Treasure: You have had an opportunity to interact with our volunteer psychologist,  how would you describe your experience with her?

Sarah: It was an opportunity I have been craving to have for quite a long time. She received me warmly. We have fixed an appointment at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH) for early 2013.

Treasure: I’m glad to hear that.

Sarah: OMG! You brought back alot of painful memories, I can’t believe I’m all in tears but it’s all good.

Treasure: I’m so sorry dear.

Sarah: It’s okay! Sometimes the tears are needed.

Treasure: What advice do you have for parents and guardians out there?

Sarah: Mothers especially should be mindful of who they allow to hang around their kids. They shouldn’t leave their kids anyhow with just anybody. They should educate their kids about sexuality from an early age. They should teach their kids how to speak out whenever anybody tries to violate them. Lastly, they should cover their kids in the place of prayers, these times are terrible.

Treasure: Thank you Sarah! What advice would you give to ladies out there who have been sexually abused?

Sarah: They shouldn’t bottle the experience, they should speak out or else it will be destroying them bit by bits. They should give their pain to God. The violated should forgive the offenders. They should go for counselling also. They should let go and let God. They should never see themselves as trash but as treasures. You will never be healed until you use your pain to heal someone else.

Treasure: #Deep

Sarah: The stigma may always be with you but you have an option either to do something positive or negative about it. I remember in my SSCE, the essay I wrote was “I wish this stigma never stuck with me.” I told my story and at the end i wrote, “a true life story.” I passed that exam in flying colours.

Treasure: Speak to the men out there since they are mostly the offenders.

Sarah: Men should be very careful of what they do to ladies because karma is always hanging around the corner. They need to realise that God never sleeps; He will avenge those who maltreat the defendless. Men who rape ladies should be castrated I tell you! Having forceful carnal knowledge of a woman is as good as killing her.

Treasure: What are your final words?

Sarah: To everyone out there who has been abused or raped, I want to say let go and let God because He’s the greatest healer.

Treasure: Thank you so much Sarah for sharing your story with us. I look forward to a time when this experience and solutions will be articulated in a best-selling book. May God continue to uphold you. Do keep your dreams alive, there are better days ahead. I also pray that God will send the right man your way in Jesus’ name!

Sarah: Amennn! Thank you for your audience and thanks for not blaming me. I trust God for better days ahead. He knows what I have been through and He knows I’m a fighter that doesn’t give up.

What a touching story! Would you want to leave any message for Sarah? Kindly drop it in the comment box below, she’s sure gonna be reading this. If you would want us synergize with this initiative in any way, kindly contact us through any of the media stated in our contact page.

Hello buddies! It’s another great time to share some drinks over some real issues. As i said in one of my previous posts, the purpose of discussing pornography on this blog is because it’s been postulated to have links with the unbridled sexual passion that drive many men crazy.

You can check up our archives to catch up with the posts issues on this series. I remember hearing a married man say that he has bought a couple of porn videos to watch with his wife so as to boost her declining libido. Is this really a remedy? Does porn really help to spice up the sex life of couples? We will find out right now. Just as I have been doing so far on this series, I will show you empirical data obtained from thorough research and surveys:

According to the Journal of Adolescent Health, prolonged exposure to pornography leads to:

  • An exaggerated perception of sexual activity in society
  • Diminished trust between intimate couples
  • The abandonment of the hope of sexual monogamy
  • Belief that promiscuity is the natural state
  • Belief that abstinence and sexual inactivity are unhealthy
  • Cynicism about love or the need for affection between sexual partners
  • Belief that marriage is sexually confining
  • Lack of attraction to family and child-raising

According to sociologist Jill Manning, the research indicates pornography consumption is associated with the following six trends, among others:

1. Increased marital distress, and risk of separation and divorce
2. Decreased marital intimacy and sexual satisfaction
3. Infidelity
4. Increased appetite for more graphic types of pornography and sexual activity associated with abusive, illegal or unsafe practices
5. Devaluation of monogamy, marriage and child rearing
6. An increasing number of people struggling with compulsive and addictive sexual behavior

A press release from the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers (divorce lawyers) reported that the most salient factors present in divorce cases are as follows:

68% of the divorces involved one party meeting a new lover over the Internet.
56% involved one party having “an obsessive interest in pornographic websites.”
47% involved spending excessive time on the computer.
33% involved excessive time spent speaking in chat rooms.
In 2003, a Focus on the Family poll showed 47% percent of families said pornography is a problem in their home.

In 2004, 42% of surveyed adults indicated that their partner’s use of pornography made them feel insecure, and 41% admitted that they felt less attractive due to their partner’s pornography use.

A brief survey on the effects of cybersex shows how wives of porn users develop deep psychological wounds, reporting feelings of betrayal, loss, depression, mistrust, devastation, anger, and sexual inadequacy. The same survey shows more than half of those engaged in cybersex lost interest in sexual intercourse, and one third of their partners lost interest as well

“I have also seen in my clinical experience that pornography damages the sexual performance of the viewers. Pornography viewers tend to have problems with premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. Having spent so much time in unnatural sexual experiences with paper, celluloid and cyberspace, they seem to find it difficult to have sex with a real human being. Pornography is raising their expectation and demand for types and amounts of sexual experiences; at the same time it is reducing their ability to experience sex.” (Dr. MaryAnne Layden)

“Should pornography sufficiently arouse a biologically determined male predisposition for polygamy, then its informational system may be contributing to contemporary male frustration and even aggressiveness toward the female in general and monogamous patterns of sexuality in particular. It may be argued that if the visual data of pornography encourages distrust of female sexual fidelity and a distorted perception of female personhood, such data could encourage disdain and/or animosity toward heterosexual comradeship and the value of such comradeship for individual and social solvency.”


I guess you read through the statistics very well. Apparently, porn hasn’t helped any marriage neither in sexual performance nor in companionship. It rather impedes sexual performance and destroys the marital union. Porn makes its users burn with so much sexual passion but when it gets to the time to ‘do the thing’, their performance is almost equal to zero.

As we have seen also, pornography has been found to be connected to the high divorce rate observed in our times.

Pornography obviously has not done us much good. Don’t you think? Share your thoughts with me if you have a contrary view or an additional point to add.

We still have alot more to share on this series. We will definitely share some helpful tips with people who wanna break free from porn.

QUESTION: What suggestions would you offer a woman whose husband is hooked to porn and online sex merchants that he no more enjoys sex with her and this has left their matrimony at the verge of a break up?

I will be expecting your answers. Thank you for stopping by.

For a better world,


According to LEADERSHIP WEEKEND,A suspected rapist and kidnapper has been spotted by one of his victims in the premises of a new generation bank on Douglas Road, Owerri, Imo State.

Eyewitness account revealed to LEADERSHIP WEEKEND that as soon as the woman identified her alleged abductor, she made straight for him as astonished customers in the bank looked on in utter surprise.

LEADERSHIP WEEKEND further gathered that with the help of the security operatives in the bank, the man was held until some military men on patrol in Owerri got to the bank.
The presence of the soldiers as the witness further revealed made the woman, who is said to be in her mid-thirties open up, revealing how she was kidnapped and raped by a gang led by the suspect.

The woman was said to have identified the man as the particular person, who raped her twice a day for the period of one week that she was held captive. When the woman was asked how she knew the man was among the gang she claimed abused her, she was said to have told the crowd at the bank of a tattoo on the neck and lower waist of the man.

Subsequent upon her identification, which proved positive about the suspect, the man was said to have been bundled away from the bank along with the woman, who claimed that besides her being sexually abused by the man, her family equally paid a N10 million ransom.

Before the man was taken away from the bank, it was further gathered that the man’s bank account had about N75 million. The state Police Public Relations officer, Vitalis Onugu, when contacted said he was yet to be briefed on the matter.
Source: Leadership


I salute the courage of this woman who not bothering about any form of stigmatization that might have followed.  We all know that most times than not, most women who are raped remain mute about it for the fear of stigmatization which springs forth even from some family members.

I want to use this medium to challenge all and sundry to have a second thought about stigmatizing rape victims. Stigmatization breeds a level of pain that even surpasses that of the assault itself. Life does not always give us what we bargain for. Like the four youngsters of Uniport who were brutally murdered by the Aluu Community, these guys never envisaged that their mundane walk will be truncated in such a barbaric manner.

We owe it as responsibility to help rape victims to find solace once again. If as a man who can’t marry a lady who had once been raped, you probably need an upgrade in your level of  understanding. God could have sent you into that bleeding heart to bring about wholeness and restoration. In the arms of a real man, an assaulted woman should find peace and warmth such as would make her forget the pain of the past.

To the raped, I challenge you once again, take a cue from the woman in our story. That’s some real strength!! Don’t die gasping for breath beneath the pain of that sexual assault. Start by finding a trusted friend or counselor to discuss with.


For a Sane Africa,


Hello friends! It’s a great day I trust you fine.

I became a year older yesterday. It was an exciting day for me as I was showered with love from all over the world.

I am pleased to inform you all that I officially started my Personal Inspirational Blog ‘The NextPHASE’ yesterday also.  On it you will have a good feel of the inspirational part of me.

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MY BIRTHDAY MESSAGE: ” The measure of a man’s life is not in its duration but in it donation, do make your life count.”

” You may not be able to change the whole world at once but you can touch one life at a time.”

” The Future is not a time zone that is yet to come, it is a representation of all that you could ever be but haven’t yet become. Let’s deliver the FUTURE!” …… Fela Durotoye

I will appreciate your birthday messages or thoughts or just anything you would love to tell me maybe about the EvictRape Project or just any sweet nothing. I’m all ears.



Hello people! It’s a great day! Sometime last week, we started to x-ray the issue of pornography. Do CLICK the foregone link and read it, just incase you missed it. One may wonder why in the world are we discussing pornography in a blog that is staging a campaign against sexual assaults. Well, I’m just thinking that there might be  some connection between the use of porn and the unbridled sexual passion experienced in our days. Fine! We all have the urge for sex reposed in us. I wake up some mornings and I feel like ‘it’ so badly. I turn to the other side of my bed, all I see is nothing but a pillow… yea! I’m yet to be married. But I always remember the words of a wise man which goes “Never allow ERECTION to give you DIRECTION.” 

Still on porn: there’s a likelihood that you reading this blog have seen a porn movie. You know how you do it… with the remote in your hands and you just keep fast-forwarding to the ‘main show’. With the internet, porn is easily accessed by all. Maybe you gat some of those stuffs in a passworded folder in ur mobile gadget. Don’t get fooled to believe that porn represents a real life situation. You know these porn guys and gals are always energetic… yelling and screaming and just keep mesmerizing you. A man or woman, after seeing such a movie then turns to his or her partner and wants them to transform into the porn stars. Porn is a script, it doesn’t represent a real life situation. If you have some knowledge of movie making, you can attest that after stripping, the movie director can decide to shut all cameras and resume shooting maybe in another six months. Between the kissing and the touching and all the mmhhmm….. many months can elapse. But after joining tape to tape, they come out with 30 minutes ‘steamy hot’ sex scene to fool you. So, you keep seeing your spouse as a ‘failure.’ No! You are the one that’s been cajoled by people who out are to make hard Dollars.

I love to work with statistics and raw facts, so I gat some interviews with Porn Stars to show you. After reading this, you have your conclusion to draw. See for yourself:

  • Only 17% of performers use condoms in heterosexual adult films; in 2004, only two of the 200 adult film companies required the use of condoms
  • One male pornographic performer, Rocco (600 films and 3,000 women), said: “Every professional in the porn-world has herpes, male or female.”
  • Dr. Sharon Mitchell confirms the STD prevalence in an interview with Court TV, in which she states: “66% of porn performers have Herpes, 12-28% have sexually transmitted diseases, and 7% have HIV.”
  • Porn actress Erin Moore admits, “the drugs we binged on were Ecstasy, Cocaine, Marijuana, Xanax, Valium, Vicodin and alcohol.”
  • Tanya Burleson, formerly known as Jersey Jaxin, says, “Guys are punching you in the face. You get ripped. Your insides can come out of you. It’s never ending. You’re viewed as an object—not as a human with a spirit. People do drugs because they can’t deal with the way they’re being treated.”
  • In 2004, Dr. Mary Anne Layden reported before a Senate subcommittee: “Once [the pornography actresses] are in the industry they have high rates of substance abuse, typically alcohol and cocaine, depression, borderline personality disorder. . . . The experience I find most common among the performers is that they have to be drunk, high or dissociated in order to go to work. Their work environment is particularly toxic. . . . The terrible work life of the pornography performer is often followed by an equally terrible home life. They have an increased risk of sexually transmitted disease including HIV, domestic violence and have about a 25% chance of making a marriage that lasts as long as 3 years.”
  • In 1997, Eric Schlosser reported, “The highest-paid performers, the actresses with exclusive contracts, earn between $80,000 and $100,000 a year for doing about 20 sex scenes and making a dozen or so personal appearances. Only a handful of actresses—perhaps 10 to 15—are signed to such contracts. Other leading stars are paid roughly $1,000 per scene. The vast majority of porn actresses are ‘B girls,’ who earn about $300 a scene. They typically try to do two scenes a day, four or five times a week. At the moment, there is an oversupply of women in Southern California hoping to enter the porn industry. Overtime is a thing of the past, and some newcomers will work for $150 a scene.”

Hellooooo! Have you seen for yourself? The porn stars are people who are drunk on hard drugs, they don’t have a life of their own anymore. Some of them have contacted HIV/AIDS and other deadly sexually transmitted diseases in the industry. I am particularly touched by the words of Tanya Burleson, that is why I highlighted them in red: “… You’re viewed as an object—not as a human with a spirit…” The truth be told, many porn stars are not happy with the lives they live.

In our next post, we shall examine the impact of pornography on marriages. It will be an eye-opener. Do watch out for it. Hope I didn’t mess your day up with this? Sorry if I did. I’m only after a sane world where inspite of the sexual passion reposed in us, we can still be in charge of our bodies. Don’t you think that’s what distinguishes us from the animals?

Alright! I will catch you at some other times. Remember: “NEVER allow ERECTION whether of the penis or the clitoris to give you DIRECTION.”

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Hasta la vista!

Treasure .K.


We had to do alot of research to come up with these Statistics. Do go through them carefully, they are quite revealing.

Pornography and Profits:

  • In 1997, US News & World Report stated that adult entertainment was estimated to be an $8 billion industry. Adult Video News (AVN) estimated that the true figure, even then, was $2 to $3 billion higher than that estimate.
  • In 2005, the adult industry—including video sales and rentals, Internet sales, cable, pay-per-view, phone sex, exotic dance clubs, magazines, and novelty stores—made $12.62 billion.
  • In 2006, the adult industry was $13.3 billion;5 the president of the Adult Video Network, Paul Fishbein, quoted a similar figure in 2006: just under $13 billion.

If this statistic is accurate, then the adult industry brings in more than the NFL, NBA, and Major League Baseball combined.

Adult Movies Released:

  • From 1991 to 1997, the number of new hard-core titles released each year increased by 500%.
  • In 2005, Kagan Research stated that satellite and cable operators earn just under $800 million a year from adult movie subscriptions and pay-per-view orders, which is roughly 40% of pay-TV on-demand revenue.12.
  • In 2006, 7,000 new adult movies were released on DVD.

Internet Porn Revenues:

  • “The adult Internet is the fastest expanding segment of the U.S. adult entertainment market.” (Adult Entertainment in America, State of the Industry Report, 2006).
  • Internet porn is a $3-billion-a-year American industry.
  • In 2002, the Frontline documentary “American Porn” interviewed both Larry Flynt, founder of Hustler Magazine, and Danni Ashe, a former stripper and owner of a multi-million dollar porn franchise and then holder of the Guinness World Record for most downloaded woman on the Web; both Flynt and Ashe credit the 1990s explosion of adult material to the ease of viewing and ordering porn from the Internet.
  • In 2001, the Online Computer Library Center’s annual review found 74,000 adult websites accounting for 2% of sites on the net, and together they brought in profits of more than $1 billion; many were small scale, with half making $20,000 a year.
  • In 2006, revenue from online subscriptions and sales was $2.8 billion, up from $2.5 billion in 2005, according to estimates from Adult Video Network.

Amount of Pornography on the Web:

There are millions of websites, each of which can host dozens or hundreds of Web pages.
“It seems so obvious: If we invent a machine, the first thing we are going to do—after making a profit—is use it to watch porn. When the projector was invented roughly a century ago, the first movies were not of damsels in distress tied to train tracks or Charlie Chaplin-style slapsticks; they were stilted porn shorts called stag films. VHS became the dominant standard for VCRs largely because Sony wouldn’t allow pornographers to use Betamax; the movie industry followed porn’s lead. DVDs, the Internet, cell phones. you name it, pornography planted its big flag there first, or at least shortly thereafter” (Damon Brown, author of Porn and Pong).

  • According to the trade association of the adult entertainment industry, in 2000, 1% of American websites were adult in nature but accounted for almost 40% of all Internet traffic.
  • In 2000, 60% of websites visited on the Internet were sexual in nature.
  • In 2001, there were 70,000 to 74,000 adult pay websites (each site with many pages).

The Nation Research Council reported in 2002:

  • 74% of commercial pornography sites displayed free teaser porn images on the homepage, often porn banner ads.
  • 66% did not include a warning of adult content.
  • 25% prevented users from exiting the site (this is called mousetrapping)
  • Only 3% required adult verification.
  • The two largest individual buyers of bandwidth were U.S. firms in the adult online industry.
  • In 2002, there were 100,000 adult websites in the U.S. and globally there were about 400,000 for-profit adult sites (each with many pages).
  • In September 2003, the N2H2 database contained 260 million adult Web pages. This represented an almost 20-fold increase since 1998.
  • In December 2003, the Florida Family Association provided an exhaustive report to the United States Department of Justice. Their special software program, PornCrawler, identified 297 million porn links (separate porn images) on the Internet. It also identified twenty U.S. companies responsible for 70% of these images.
  • In 2004 there were 420 million Web pages of porn from nearly 1.6 million websites, 17 times greater than it was in 2000. It is believed that the majority of these websites are owned by less than 50 companies.

Internet Porn Viewers:

“Porn doesn’t have a demographic—it goes across all demographics.” (Paul Fishbein, founder of Adult Video News, an American trade journal).
According to a 2009 survey commissioned by Morality in Media, Inc. (An American interfaith organization) conducted by Harris Interactive:

76% of U.S. adults disagree that viewing hardcore adult pornography on the Internet is morally acceptable;” 74% disagree that “viewing hardcore adult pornography on the Internet provides, generally, harmless entertainment;” 67% disagree with the following two statements:

(1) viewing hardcore pornography on the Internet is morally acceptable; and

(2) such viewing provides, generally, harmless entertainment. Only 10% agree with both statements.

In 2008, according to research done by Kirk Doran, Assistant Professor in the Department of Economics at the University of Notre Dame.

14% of the online population of America visit adult sites and spend an average of 6.5 minutes per visit.

80% to 90% of these people only access free pornographic material.

The remaining 3 million Americans who pay for Internet pornography pay an average of $61 per month; this generates $2.5 billion in annual revenues for the Internet porn industry.

The number one search term used on search engine sites is “sex.” Users searched for “sex” more than other terms, such as “games, travel, music, jokes, cars, weather, health,” and “jobs” combined. “Pornography/porno/porn” was the fourth-most searched for subject. Also falling within the top 20 search terms were “nude” (including “nudes”), “xxx, playboy,” and “erotic stories” (including “erotica”).
According to a survey published in the Journal of the American Psychological Association, 86% of men are likely to click on Internet sex sites if given the opportunity.
In 2000, as many as 25 million Americans spent 1 to 10 hours per week viewing Internet pornography, and as many as 4.7 million spent over 11 hours per week viewing Internet pornography.
A 2001 Forrester Research report claimed the average age of a male visitor to an adult web page is 41 and has an annual income of $60,000. According to the same report, 19% of North American users were regular visitors to adult content sites. Of that 19%, approximately 25% were women, 46% were married, and 33% had children.
In August 2003, an estimated 34 million people visited adult entertainment sites—about 25% of Internet users in the U.S. In September 2003, more than 32 million unique individuals visited a porn site. Nearly 22.8 million of them were male (71%), while 9.4 million adult site visitors were female (29%).
According to comScore Media Metrix:
71.9 million visits were made to adult sites in August 2005, reaching 42.7 percent of the Internet audience.

63.4 million unique visits were made to adult websites in December of 2005, reaching 37.2% of the Internet audience.

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We have taken out time to dig out these statistics to enlighten you on how much the porn industry has invaded hudreds of millions of homes all around the world.

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