Rape Alert!!

Posted: August 7, 2012 in Breaking News
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Part of what this blog represents is to send an alert on reported cases of rape and sexual assaults all around Nigeria and the African continent.

Last saturday, 4th of August ’12, a doctor friend of mine who’s working with a private hospital in Abuja reported to us a case of sexual assault. A young girl of 8 was brought to his hospital by her father for medical check up. She was allegedly raped by her 13 year old cousin. According to the father, the girl asserted that the assault had been on for quite some time but she was severely threatened by her assailant never to tell anyone or else he would severely deal with her.

The incidence only came to limelight after one of the girl’s siblings caught the duo in the very act and reported to the girl’s parents. Dr. Mark said the girl looked too traumatized to answer to his personal interview. The case has been transferred to the police.

One wonders what our world is turning into. If at 13, a boy is already sexually drunk and perverted, what would become of him at 20? Incase you don’t know, the age of sexual initiation in Nigeria now is 6. There are many kids below 10 out there who are already sexually active. What could be responsible for this? Parents and guardians please be vigilant! Call your kids and wards to some intelligent interviews. You might be shocked at what you ‘ll find.

Kindly drop your comments and reactions, we love to hear from you. What could be responsible for this malady?

  1. Olumide says:

    I weep for this generation! What prompts a 13 year old into such abusive lifeStyle…. We need to watch out for our kids and siblings.
    Thank you @EvictRapeAfrica for this initiative.


  2. Tamara Albert says:

    The trauma and effect of sexual assault reaches so deep that only a vigorous awakening and shaking can affect its roots. The molested are afraid to speak up because parents and guardians are head long into career and businesses that they fail to look beyond the feigned α̲̅nd sometimes suggested acts of the victims.
    We leave our children to be moulded by all other but us.
    The assailants many atime are close friends and/or relatives. Even they need help.

  3. iamthedemigoddess says:

    Like I said on twitter this is a really cool initiative. People need to speak out for what is wrong. We need to take charge and speak against this evil that is raring it’s ugly head. I’m in total support of this cause. Bravo!

    • treasurekalu says:

      @iamthedemigoddess. Thanks alot for ur compliment… I checked out ur blog and ur doing a fantastic job… I will be glad to synergise wt u.. Would be glad to have u as a guest blogger here! Cheers..

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