Women, we Men are Sorry!!

Posted: August 14, 2012 in Book Review, Heart 2 Heart
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Post By Pastor Iyke Samuel (House On The Rock, Benin)

Although, there are isolated cases of men who are raped and sexually assaulted by women, the female gender is mostly at the receiving end of sexual assaults and domestic violence.  Men are mostly the offenders.

Pastor Iyke Samuel in his soon to be released masterpiece apologises to all women on behalf of the male specie.

Here’s his unreserved apologies:

  • We are sorry for sending so many of you to an untimely grave by sponsoring the abortion of the babies we would have been responsible for.
  • We are sorry for promising you marriage, coming in contact with your best friend, developing unrealistic reasons, dumping you and getting married to your best friend.
  • We are sorry for bringing home that strange woman who we impregnated because we were not patient and supportive enough until your time of conception.

  • It brings tears to my eyes when I think of those that had to commit suicide because of how deep their hearts were broken by us. For this, we are sorry.
  • We are sorry for saying there’s no money at home, yet sponsoring another woman’s account and meeting their needs.
  • We are sorry for asking you to have sex with us because opening an account with the bank where you work as a marketer.
  • We are sorry for bringing home HIV/AIDs and other STDs and transferring them to you.
  • In your hale days, you refused other marriage proposals, now you are over 40 and still single, all because you were banking on our promises to marry you.

  • We are sorry for taking away everything from you and leaving you and the kids with nothing when our brother (your husband) died. Sorry for accusing you wrongly and having to make you swear even to the point of drinking the water used to wash his corpse.
  • Sorry for making you feel less than a woman because you did not give us male children.
  • We are sorry for abusing you verbally, physically and emotionally.

  • We are sorry for dumping you now that we have come to limelight and prosperity as against when we were poor and nobody stood by us but you alone.
  • We are sorry for not carrying you along over sensitive decisions like taking bank facilities thereby putting the whole family into pressure because of accumulated debts.

For these and countless others, women, we men want to say we are sorry!

I literally felt my heart bleeding for a lady out there after reading these excerpts. It’s heart-warming that a man has taken the initiative to apologize.


Pastor Iyke Samuel pastors one of the fastest growing churches in Benin-city Nigeria: a daughter church of House On The Rock with headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria. He is a shepherd, a relationship coach, an inspirational speaker and an author. He is happily married to Pastor Lisa Samuel and they both have a very pretty daughter.

The book: “Women, we men are sorry” will be in the book stores from September 2012.  It is indeed a masterpiece. For information on how to place an advance order on the book and get some discount of the price, kindly call: 07033566669 for more details.

  1. Tamara Albert says:

    Especially for making us feel less than women for not bearing male children when it was you who did not give the Y Chromosome.

  2. Tamara Albert says:

    Thanks Pastor Iyke for this book. It will mean so much to so many. Will definitely get a copy.
    God bless you Sir.

  3. Pst. Iyke says:

    Thank you Tamara for your kind comment. Please spread the good news. repost the article and get men to show some maturity and responsibility. Call the number above on how to get your copy and keep the book in your prayers, that it will bring about repentance and revival. Let it heal the wounded and also help evictrape in Africa. Blessings Tamara.

  4. iRep9ja says:

    Women, indeed we men are sorry! We beg o! The author did a great job…. I could actually visualise the tears flowing down some female cheeks as I read this….. We hope someday, you will also write: “Men, we women are sorry.”Cos some women have done much evil to us men too….. Nice job guys!

  5. Dickson says:

    We men are sorry for the act of some men. But i would like to say that some women are the cause of the faith they are suffering from by exposing their sensitive part in the name of fashion. when some men see this, they can not hold themselves again and will try to have their way by all means.

  6. treasurekalu says:

    @Dickson. Thanks for your comment. But is it not animalistic for a man to lose his self-control just because he saw a lady’s laps or breasts? When Erection begins to give us Direction, don’t you think we are invariably retracing our steps to the stone age?

  7. Eunice Edwards says:

    Am moved to tears. God bless you Sir.

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