“I am an African Child not a sex toy” (A poem)

Posted: August 25, 2012 in Book Review, Heart 2 Heart
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A post by Alfred Harry

I am an African child not a sex toy
Black  bold and beautiful, 
A treasure of fine stones
A pride not a prize
The glory of the black

I am an African child not a sex toy
I live for humanity not for the manhood
A bundle of joy not a sight of offence
A peace agent not a weapon of warfare
I crave to be wrapped in love not wrung in rape

I am an African child not a sex toy
My virginity is my pride, to whom I am willing, i give
Violate my body, get my wrath extravagant
Violate my body and my tears will flow like gushing streams down my cheeks
The offender surely will produce streams of tears forever

I am an African child not a sex toy
Let me walk freely the dark lonely streets of Africa
Let my body be adored and cherished
Let my dreams be nurtured to maturity
I am an African child, the joy  womanhood

Alfred Harry is a trained Architect but by dint of passion and personal discovery, he ventured into the world of creative arts. He is the Chief Inspirational Officer (CIO) of Epoch Concepts, a fast-growing theatre group in Nigeria. He has produced a number of stage dramas amongst which are Samuela’s dream, the scroll and naked pride. In 2012, this exceptional actor and poet directed a movie titled ‘The end of the road’ which starred some of Nollywood’s finest, amongst whom are Oge Okoye, Yul Edochie, Mike Duro and Stella Ikwegbu. He has played host to the veteran actor Olu Jacobs in one of this stage dramas. Harry can be contacted via his email:  alfred.harry.9@facebook.com

  1. Ejesaye Great says:

    I’m an African Child.

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