Rapist beware!! We will get you (Jungle justice)

Posted: September 3, 2012 in Breaking News, Heart 2 Heart
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Since hunters have learnt to shoot without missing, birds have learnt to fly without perching. Since rapists will not let that ‘thing’ lie safely in their pants, then they should be ready to dance to the music! Just incase you are a rapist or a child molester, I’m sure this story will serve as a warning to you. I’m not sure you wanna do ‘frog jump’ in the nude at Ojuegbala and have your nude pics uploaded over the net for the whole world to see.

Tell me how can a thirty something year old guy have sex with a three year old innocent child? Is that not the height of madness? This incidence happened last Friday, the 31st of August 2012. Here’s the full gist:

This incident happened at Adeniji Adele, Dolphin Estate, Phase 2, Lagos. A little girl ran into a woman’s shop crying. The woman asked her why she was crying, but the little girl couldn’t really express herself. She just kept pointing at a particular direction, and crying.

Molested innocent baby

Then a few minutes later, the shop owner saw a man approaching her shop and calling on the girl to follow him. The woman asked the man who he was and why he was after the girl. The man probably realized the woman wasn’t going to release the girl to him, so he tried to run. The woman raised an alarm immediately shouting “ole ole”, thinking he was a kidnapper, not knowing he had done something much worse.

Youths in the area thinking the man was a thief descended on him. The man kept saying he wasn’t a thief that the little girl was known to him. They turned to the girl and insisted on knowing what the guy had done to her; the 3 year old then told them how the man had taken her to the last floor of a 3 storey building and hurt her. It was at that point they checked the girl’s panties and saw blood all over her private area. The blood had even dropped down her legs but nobody noticed it on time.

DISGRACED!! Alleged Child Molester

On hearing this, the incensed youths descended on the alleged rapist once more and this time, with more brutal force. They stripped him naked, and beat him with sticks, stones, bottles and everything they could lay hands on until someone called the police who came and whisked the man away.

Whisked away in Police Van for more torture

Dear sexual offender, this is what you get when you allow your erection give you direction. My heart goes to that innocent girl who has been defiled. Only God can tell how far this experience can lead to and how long it will take for her to recover from the trauma. Often times than not, sexually assaulted victims don’t fully recover.

Parents and guardians please be watchful of your minors!

QUESTION: Do you support jungle justice (mobbing… crowd beating) in dealing with sexual offenders?

  1. Tamara Albert says:

    I support jungle justice a hundred percent. Serious jungle justice. The kind that can dislodge this insanity from the assailant.

    This man in question still had the strength to sit? He deserved so much more SERIOUS beating and a more severe punishment.

    JUNGLE JUSTICE, you have my vote. It’s not like that would suffice, but it is a very good start.

  2. Anita Young says:

    I do not condone jungle justice really, but good that he had to have some taste of it. Child sexual abuse and molestation is becoming alarming and the impact of those experiences stay with these kids into adulthood. I really hope this guy gets his time due, and that we pay more attention to these social issues in this country. Mothers have a lot of work to do

  3. Somto says:

    I support jungle justice. Enough is enough!

  4. treasurekalu says:

    @Tamara, Anita and Somto. Thanks for your contribution…. We appreciate!

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