Unmasking Pornography (Part 1)

Posted: September 10, 2012 in Heart 2 Heart, Real Talk
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WARNING: This series is STRICTLY for real men and women NOT for pretentious and fanatical people!

The Oxford Advanced learner’s Dictionary defines pornography as books, videos, music, etc that describe or show naked people and sexual acts in order to make people feel sexually excited especially in a way that many other people find offensive.

There are two broad classification of pornography, namely: (1) Soft pornography (2) Hard pornography
>>> SOFT PORNOGRAPHY: The sexual acts in this category are not very detailed or violent.

>>> HARD PORNOGRAPHY: The sex scenes here are very detailed and sometimes violent.
The subject is not an unfamiliar one. I’m sure you have a very good idea of what this is all about. This week, we will start exploring the length and breadth of this subject. I have done alot of in-depth research on the subject in the past week. I was able to gather lots of statistical data from different demographics. Before we get the tape rolling, I want to hear your opinion about pornography. Have you ever had an encounter with porn whether intentionally or unintentionally?

I had my first exposure to porn somewhere around the age of 7 and 8. A neighbour had disposed some magazines, books and papers, my kids friends and I went searching the garbage and we saw a couple of magazines that had lots of naked white gals in them, the contents were quite explicit. That should be PlayBoy Mag. I guess… The contents caught our attention rather than the name. I couldn’t explain the feeling I got from just fliping from one page to the other, I couldn’t explain why ‘it’ was giving a standing ovation. *Winks* There are times even as an adult that those images re-surface in my head. Hmmm… Ok! Enough said of me for now. Over to you! I need some real men and women out there to share some insights with us.


(1) What’s your take on pornography?

(2) Some people believe that porn helps to improve sexual performance. Do you share the same belief?

(3) Can pornography ‘spice’ things for married couples?

(4) Is porn a good source of learning about sex for the inexperienced?

Share your thoughts with me. I’m all ears and I’m waiting to hear from the real people out there.

Kindly participate in the Poll below: It’s just a click away. Your identity is not revealed so don’t let that bother you.



  1. Castimonia says:

    (1) What’s your take on pornography?

    It is my opinion pornography has a negative effect on the human brain. Prolonged exposure to pornography decreases the seratonin and dopamine produced by the brain during natural sexual relationships. The graphic images of pornography affects the brain like a sponge being squeezed out. All the dopamine, seratonin, adrenaline, etc… gushes out, over stimulating the brain.

    (2) Some people believe that porn helps to improve sexual performance. Do you share the same belief?

    Absolutely not. If you carry the “trend” out over an extended period of time, the performace actually gets much, much worse.

    (3) Can pornography ‘spice’ things for married couples?

    Couples that needs “spicing” up have intimacy issues. Sex is not only about fun and spicing things up, it is an expression of love between two human beings. This key point seperates us from 99% of animals.

    (4) Is porn a good source of learning about sex for the inexperienced?

    Absolutely not! Pornography is about intensity, not love and intimacy, which is what sex should be about.

  2. treasurekalu says:

    @Castimonia. Thanks a million for sharing such a powerful insight with us.. Quite expository! Your blog is quite rich… we shall direct some traffic down in our subsequent posts… I will be glad to host you as a guest blogger on this series…. Merci.

    I’m still waiting for more comments. Holla!

  3. Nwakaego says:

    Porn merely excites unrealstic sexual fantasy. Sheer curiosity has made me see some internet porn and I tell you, it is demonic. The spirit of lust controls the porn world: the producers are propelled by lust for easy cash while the viewers are motivated by the lust of the eyes and the flesh. Unfortunately, the internet is awash with porn these days, making it accessible at the click of a botton. Believe it or not, because of the bad spirits behind it, porn is highly addictive and is implicated in the high rate of sexual perversions witnessed in our societies today. Anyone tempted to indulge in porn viewing should have a rethink. It is not worth the moral pollution it creates. Any suggestion that porn will spice up things in the bedroom is, i.m.o, a fallacy that may hold true only if one of the couple has been exposed to pornography in the past which makes him/her have unrealistic sexual expectations.

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