Game up!! Woman Catches Suspect Who Robbed & Raped Her Inside Bank

Posted: October 9, 2012 in Breaking News
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According to LEADERSHIP WEEKEND,A suspected rapist and kidnapper has been spotted by one of his victims in the premises of a new generation bank on Douglas Road, Owerri, Imo State.

Eyewitness account revealed to LEADERSHIP WEEKEND that as soon as the woman identified her alleged abductor, she made straight for him as astonished customers in the bank looked on in utter surprise.

LEADERSHIP WEEKEND further gathered that with the help of the security operatives in the bank, the man was held until some military men on patrol in Owerri got to the bank.
The presence of the soldiers as the witness further revealed made the woman, who is said to be in her mid-thirties open up, revealing how she was kidnapped and raped by a gang led by the suspect.

The woman was said to have identified the man as the particular person, who raped her twice a day for the period of one week that she was held captive. When the woman was asked how she knew the man was among the gang she claimed abused her, she was said to have told the crowd at the bank of a tattoo on the neck and lower waist of the man.

Subsequent upon her identification, which proved positive about the suspect, the man was said to have been bundled away from the bank along with the woman, who claimed that besides her being sexually abused by the man, her family equally paid a N10 million ransom.

Before the man was taken away from the bank, it was further gathered that the man’s bank account had about N75 million. The state Police Public Relations officer, Vitalis Onugu, when contacted said he was yet to be briefed on the matter.
Source: Leadership


I salute the courage of this woman who not bothering about any form of stigmatization that might have followed.  We all know that most times than not, most women who are raped remain mute about it for the fear of stigmatization which springs forth even from some family members.

I want to use this medium to challenge all and sundry to have a second thought about stigmatizing rape victims. Stigmatization breeds a level of pain that even surpasses that of the assault itself. Life does not always give us what we bargain for. Like the four youngsters of Uniport who were brutally murdered by the Aluu Community, these guys never envisaged that their mundane walk will be truncated in such a barbaric manner.

We owe it as responsibility to help rape victims to find solace once again. If as a man who can’t marry a lady who had once been raped, you probably need an upgrade in your level of  understanding. God could have sent you into that bleeding heart to bring about wholeness and restoration. In the arms of a real man, an assaulted woman should find peace and warmth such as would make her forget the pain of the past.

To the raped, I challenge you once again, take a cue from the woman in our story. That’s some real strength!! Don’t die gasping for breath beneath the pain of that sexual assault. Start by finding a trusted friend or counselor to discuss with.


For a Sane Africa,


  1. Ejesaye Great says:

    thats a good one

  2. Somto says:

    Evil always has a way of catching-up with those who perpetrate it.

  3. treasurekalu says:

    Thanks @Somto and @Great for stopping by to read and comment… Cheers!

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