About the Convener

This timely rescue mission is a brain Child of Mr. Treasure Kalu popularly known as Teekay. It is a project inspired by a childhood molestation experience. This Blog commenced with a post that details his experience. Just incase you haven’t read it, kindly check the blog’s archives for “A secret I never told my late mum.”

Trained as an Electronic/Computer Engineer from the Prestigious Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka in Nigeria, Teekay is a passionate inspirational speaker who holds his audience spell-bound. In 2011, he spoke to an audience of no less than 20,000 in different locations in Nigeria on Personal development, Leadership, National building and Transformation. He serves as a training facilitator with Xtreme Xcellence Consulting. He has two inspirational audio CDs to his credit and is currently writing his debut book titled: “Bruised but no broken”, a book that chronicles the ordeals of his uninteresting childhood and how he made it through into the track of success. In 2011, this multifaceted personality, hosted an inspirational programme ‘The nextDimension’ on African Broadcasting Network (ABN), a satellite TV network that broadcasts across 50 nations of the world.

Teekay enjoys travelling, reading inspirational books, meeting vision-minded people and great music. He may be reached via: kalujakes@yahoo.co.uk.. Catch up with his inspirational tweets by following on twitter: @InspiringTeekay.

In summary, iLive, iLove and iLeaveALegacy.



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