About the Project

“Evil thrives when good people do nothing!” While you and I are sleeping, eating and going about our daily businesses an African woman down the sub-saharan is being raped, an innocent child is being molested!

Every 17 minutes, a woman is raped in South Africa. A girl born in South Africa is more liked to be raped than she has the chances to learn to read…. 6 of out every 10 Nigerian children have been molested! The situation is getting really bad!

In a bid to answer that 911 call and in line with the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) 3, 4 and 6, the convener (Mr. Treasure Kalu) of this initiative has decided to leverage on the power of the social media to stage a fight on behalf of the deprived African woman and child.

Your enemy is only as strong as your ignorance. On this blog, alot of enlightenment will be made by professionals in counseling, sexual enlightenment and the likes. For example, let me ask you if you parents out there: Have you ever had a heart to heart talk with your child about sexuality? Are your kids opened to telling you their secrets?

This is definitely not one of those blogs, you want to treat with levity. The knowledge you will acquire via this platform will be timeless and it will serve as a life line to your entire dynasty.. We are opened to informative and educative posts. If you are a blogger or writer out there, kindly give us some synergy. Let’s assassinate this monster called sexual assault from our dear Africa. It is POSSIBLE! It begins with YOU!!

Help us gain momentum on the Social Networks which have become potent weapons of revolution in this dispensation.

LIKE our FaceBook Page: http://www.facebook.com/evictrape.

FOLLOW us on Twitter: @EvictRapeAfrica. You can also FOLLOW the Blog itself so that new posts are sent directly to your email. Kindly leave your COMMENTS and reactions on each post.

To reach the Convener for in form of synergy, kindly send your email to: kalujakes@yahoo.co.uk or evict_rape@yahoo.com

Together we will deliver the African Future!


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