Somebody help!!

We have strong collaborations with the law enforcement agencies already. If you need any form of assistance in reporting any case of sexual assault, kindly contact us through any of the following channels:



TWITTER: @EvictRapeAfrica

You may also contact us through any of the above media, if you want to be hosted as a guest blogger or for any form of synergy; we are right here for you!

Have you been raped or molested and you need someone to counsel you and be there for you? We have well-experienced Counselors of both gender who are more than willing to assist you. Why don’t you contact us NOW, there’s no need to die in silence.

Here are some details you should include in your mail:

— Your Name or you may choose to be anonymous

— Your Sex (Male or Female)

— Your Age bracket ( E.g, under 20, 21-30, 31 and above)

— Who assaulted you (E.g, a stranger, a relative or a friend)

— State clearly and briefly how you want to be assisted ( E.g, I want Justice, I want justice and counseling, I want only counseling)


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