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On this page we intend to host different Opinion Polls and surveys. One major problem we have in Nigeria and Africa is that of the unavailability of accurate statistical evidence. Most of the rape figures given by our statistics Bureau were grossly disputed and declared inaccurate by the Amnesty International.

Do check here always for different opinion polls and kindly participate. By so doing, you will be helping us with more statistical evidence. Knowledge is a viable weapon in this mission.

  1. Godwin Ogbagie says:

    I heard a story and this happened in Ajegunle, how a mother caught a neighbour with her baby with his penis in her mouth. really that was sick and i havent recovered since i heard the story. the govt needs to make public examples of such cases to deter others. keep up the good work. God bless you.

  2. Nkechika Ezenwa says:

    I would reaaly love to be part of Ur programme. I’ve always had a knack for counscelling and helping victims. I talk to them and give them all the supports they need, even fron when I was still in school. When I saw your post about the girl that was raped 4times, it was like you or she was talking to me. I’d like to help, anyhow, please. Thank you.

    • treasurekalu says:

      @Godwin. Thank you for that information. We appreciate.. @Nkechika. Wow! So glad to hear this from you… Kindly contact us via Twitter @EvictRapeAfrica so we can have further talks or you can drop your email here so we can contact you. Thank you once again

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